Here are listed some info regarding our products.

Product Weights

Shipping fees are determined by the weight of your order. Here are some examples of those weights.

Small stuff (patches,booster,keychains) 10-50 g
Console & PC games ~100 g
Thicker special versions ~200 g
Posters (shipped in tubes) 350 g

In Finnish shipments, if your order value is over 100€, you'll get free shipping.

Virtual Products

Some of our products or virtual ones, mostly download codes. You make the order normally but instead of a physical product you'll get a link to download a pdf with your download code after your payment has been verified. From the pdf file you'll find the download code and instructions on how to use it. The most usual places you can use them are Steam, Origin, Uplay, GoG, PSN, Xbox Live.

Gift Cards

You can purchase gift vouchers from our webstore or from our brick & mortar store. Online gift cards (product LK2) are worth 10€, so if you want a gift voucher worth 50€, just buy 5x our gift card product.
Gift cards are delivered via email and in pdf format, and as quickly as possible. Keep in mind though, that our gift cards are sent manually so they are NOT delivered automatically after payment. Usually their delivery takes a maximum of 12 hours, in most cases a lot less.
Gift cards can be used in our webstore and at our store. In both cases you need the voucher code from the gift card.

Pre-Owned Products

We also sell pre-owned products, mostly games. Those products are very clearly marked with "pre-owned" -sticker. All our pre-owned products are tested and working but in case there's still some problems with them, please just bring them back.

You can bring us your used games and we'll give good exchange prices or cold hard cash for them. 


In some of our products (always mentioned in the product info) there's a warranty, normally between 6 to 24 months. If there's a problem with your device during that time, please contact us (multiplayer(a) or the manufacturer of the device for warranty.

Warranty usually covers things like "button not working properly on a controller" or "console won't start". All warranty issues are case dependant.

Warranty does NOT cover self-inflicted problems like dropped or sunk devices.

Age recommendations/Limits (PEGI)

Games are marked with recommended ages. These come in handy especially when an adult is buying games for the under-aged. As a friendly reminder, PEGI 18 games are rated that way for a reason. Here's some info on the PEGI ratings:

This rating means the game is "for everyone". Games rated PEGI 3 does not contain anything scary and there's no cursing. If there's violence, it is mild cartoon violence (like Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry).

PEGI 7 are like the previous ones except there might be some things that could be a little scary for the smallest of children.

Games rated like this might include some violence that is "unreal" and/or is done to imaginary characters (like a valiant knight hammering demons, without blood though). If there is cursing, it's mild and does not have any sexual vocabulary.

This rating is used when in-game violence (or sexual activity) is portrayed like in real life. Youth of this age should be able to understand harder swearing, smoking, drug use and criminal activity that is shown in video games.

PEGI 18 is handled as a restricted age. You cannot buy these games if you're not 18 years old. In-game violence might be bloody and repulsive, or sexual acts more realistic. Swearing and themes do not have any limits.