Shipping Conditions

In-stock items will be shipped immediately. So depending on the time of the order and the day when the order was made shipping to Finland will take 1-4 days.  Delivery time abroad varies a lot, withing EU ~5 days, outside EU ~2 weeks. If you made an order using Store Pickup, you can come collect your order right away after receiving a "your order is ready for pick-up" email. Just make sure that we're open.

Product infos state the estimated delivery time (in Finland) if the product is not in-stock. We will deliver within those limits. Shipping time varies a lot, from a couple of days to a month.  You can see delivery estimates from each product's page or by asking our customer service via email. We try to keep our catalog as up-to-date as possible but still there might a case where the product you ordered is not available anymore. In those rare cases we'll contact you immediately.

Virtual products (Download codes) are delivered to your email in a pdf format as soon as we've gotten a confirmation of the payment regarding your order, or a verification on Klarna invoice or installment.


Every order will be packed well protected. With every order there will be a receipt inside.

Shipping Fees (in Finland)

Delivery costs will be determined by the chosen delivery method. Naturally Store Pickup is free of charge, but there's plenty of other options to choose from :

POSTI Under 300 g Over 300 g Order value over 100€*
Letter 3,20 € - -
XXS Package 5,20 € - Not Available
Package (Posti) - 6,90 € -
Matkahuolto - 6,90 € -
Home Delivery (Posti) 12,90 € 12,90 € Not Available

Examples of product weights can be found from the User Guide.

Note. All orders over 100€ will get free shipping! (only applicable in Finland). Shipping outside Finland is never free and shipping costs will be charged/invoiced separately (even if our cashier states "free shipping.")
If you have made an order that makes it eligible for free shipping, you can add products to the "free shipping order" until any one of your ordered products is shipped.
All free deliveries will be shipped with the cheapest option.

International orders

We ship pretty much everywhere!

To make things as smooth as possible for both you and us, the only viable payment method for international orders is PayPal Invoice. When you place an order, you'll only see the order total without shipping fees. We'll process your order, send you a PayPal Invoice to your registered email address and you can review the shipping costs there. Then you can either pay the PayPal Invoice (<- the way we prefer it :D ) or if the shipping costs are above your threshold, reject the invoice. No harm done.

Most orders bigger than standard letters get a tracking code, and PayPal's security is nice for both you and us.  If there's any questions, get in contact via email!

Note. In order to be able to place an international order, you have to register and add your address. Then you can find International Shipping & PayPal Invoice behind the "Alternative payment methods" link located at Cart/Checkout next to "Step 2 - Pay For Your Order".

Shipping Methods

Store Pickup

You can choose Store Pickup if you want/can collect your order from our store. In-stock items can be collected right away. Just make sure we are open. If you pay for your order online, the ordered products will stay reserved for you until you collect your order. If you choose to pay for your order when picking it up, it'll be reserved for you for five(5) working days.


Letter shipped to your home address is a smart choice for smaller-sized orders. Nowadays shipping takes 2-4 working days.

XXS Package

Posti XXS Parcel. Trackable small package delivered to your mailbox. Delivery in 1-2 working days. An excellent option for new release orders, or if you just want tracking to your video game order. No available on order eligible for free shipping. 

Posti Package

Trackable package delivery. It is highly recommendable that, if you're not a fan of queuing at postal office, type your preferred pickup point in the message field.

Note. Please write the desired Pickup Point to the Message field of the order. If there's nothing there, we'll just deliver your order to your nearest Posti.


If you think Matkahuolto is the best way to get your package, we're offering that too! Fast shipment to a nearest Matkahuolto service point.

Posti Home Delivery

Trackable Posti home delivery. Posti contacts you before delivery to confirm delivery time. Only available in Finland. 

Note. Due to technical reasons and due to our "free deliveries on orders over 100€" Posti Home Delivery is NOT available by default on orders over 100€. If you want you order delivered home when the order value is over 100€, just select some of the available delivery methods, and state you home delivery needs in the comment field. We'll charge the delivery costs separately.


Payment Methods

Online Payment (Finnish)

Online Payment is the standard way to make your payment. It'll show immediately on our account and we'll process your order right away. Payment service is provided by Klarna Checkout and you can pay your order there through your own online bank.

Invoice/Installment (Finland)

Klarna Checkout let's you make purchases with an invoice or with an installment. Invoice is free of extra charge and gives you 14 days to pay for your order. Installment gives you more time to pay for your order but there are additional costs.


Number one payment method for international orders. Trusted and secure, PayPal payments will get your order processed immediately and payments are made via PayPal's own service.

Store Pickup

You can pay for Store Pickup orders when collecting your order. Pickup orders that have not been paid online will be reserved for five(5) working days.


Return Policy

We offer a standard 14 day return policy.  That means that products bought from our online shop can be returned for a full refund for 14 days after receiving the product.  The returned product must be in mint condition with original package and all the contents.  Keep in mind that in case of return and full refund the returned product must be in a condition in which we can sell it as a new one. Note. Games, soundtracks and movies are returnable when their seals are intact. Virtual products are non-refundable.

You can speed up the return or exchange process by informing us via email in advance and declaring your hopes concerning the matter.

Please note that as a customer you are responsible for the product's shipment to us so that it won't break during transport. So please, pack it well. We hope that you can give us a reason for the return (not mandatory) and send the order receipt/invoice with the returned package. Save the receipt after sending the return, and the possible tracking number also. In case of missing shipment it's always on the sender if you don't have the receipt or tracking number.

You can of course come to our store to make a return. It doesn't matter if you made your purchase online or not.

Cost of Return

All customer returns are NOT free of charge. In case of return you are responsible for shipping fees, we do not return them in cash. 

In case of product exchange (for example shirt size was wrong) the procedure works the same way.

If there's something wrong with a product you bought (broken or wrong product for example) and you'll therefore have to return it, we'll obviously compensate the postage also in full. Warranty issues are better explained in User Guide.